Orphan Sunday Projects

Bugiri's Projects - Uganda

The building of the Bugiri School continues during lockdown. It will have electricity!! Every 2 months the children and families of the Kids Sponsorship Project are given supplies of rice, beans, and posho (corn.) This is providing for them what they would have received if they were still attending school. The children in Kampala also receive the food.

Safe Home Projects - Liberia

Here are a few pictures of the new beds and solar lighting for the clinic and pictures of the kitchen that all rebuilt with the help of your congregation.

The panels are charging inverter batteries.

Home of Champions Projects - Kenya

The dining hall was rebuilt, the walls and interior supports, windows, upper half of the walls, roof rebuilt, plastered and painted

Two additional classrooms were constructed.

A single room office and apartment for night watchmen was added to the hall.

The new entry walls and gate were built.

The dorms were plastered and re- painted.

New bathrooms were built for the boys and girls.