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Description automatically generatedLetting God Direct Your Life

Proverbs 3:5-6


Whos directing your life? Who do you listen to and trust about matters of life?

Where do you get your information about how to live life? Who do you consult

before making decisions? Who guides you in setting your priorities? These are important

questions we all need to consider. This mornings lesson is about Letting God Direct Your Life


Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart


We have good reason to trust God Acts 17:24-28; Psalm 139



We must learn to trust God with ALL our heart Matthew 16:24-26



Lean NOT on your own understanding


Our understanding of life is very limited Job 38 - 42



We cannot trust our own understanding Proverbs 16:25



In ALL your ways acknowledge Him


To acknowledge Him means to concede to His ways Psalm 5:7-9



God knows what is best in every aspect of life! Matthew 11:28-30



And He shall direct your paths


God instructs us in how to live a full and happy life John 10:10



He directs us in the Way that leads to Eternal Life! John 3:16